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Home Remodeling Decorating Ideas – Gail Crosby

Ever consider how investors command so much money after remodeling a house? One reason is that they are up to date with current decorating ideas. Here are some popular ideas for 2017:

● BRIGHT GREEN – You’ll see a cheery shade of green in home decor, fashion and commercial design in 2017. Pantone named “Greenery” the color of the year. It represents refreshment and revitalization – something we all can use in a complex social and political environment according to Pantone.

● BUTTERFLIES – Butterflies are not just for children’s rooms anymore. The gentle creatures are showing up more often as a buoyant, happy motif in home design. A symbol of grace and optimism butterflies are being celebrated as sophisticated accents.

● NAVY IS THE NEW BLACK – Whether you’re looking to accent your room or update your kitchen cabinets, navy blue is what’s in for 2017. A modern twist with a traditional feel, navy blue pairs well with practically any color scheme, and lends mystery to a space without making it feel small the way black sometimes will do.

● GOODBYE GRANITE – Granite is old news. Quartz Composite Countertops in light colors are what’s in now.

● CONTEMPORARY CABINETS – Contemporary cabinets with silver pulls are popular. You can also resurface your old cabinets.

● BEAUTY IN BACKSPLASH – Solid glass, stone, tile mosaic, painted and mural backsplashes are popular in kitchens, wet bars and wine cellars.

● WONDERFUL WOOD – Beautiful wood floors are always popular.

● EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE KITCHEN SINK – Composite single sinks (made of quartz dust and acrylic resins) instead of double sinks are all the rage – especially sinks large enough to accommodate large pots and pans. Stainless steel is also still popular.

● RAW WHITES – As designers turn toward artisanal, hand crafted goods in 2017 “raw” whites — think chalky white and bone white which look unearthed and handmade are emerging as popular. It’s all about the beauty of imperfection. Painting brick white is also very popular.

● MARVELOUS MARBLE – Calacatta marble is a hit in contemporary and traditional bathrooms. It looks great with a white background and bolder grays.

● BLEND, BLEND, BLEND – Blend classic colors and textures that have bold color and use elements that sparkle, such as polished nickel fixtures with glass tile.

● ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Sustainable design, free of harsh chemicals and toxins, such as tankless water heaters are popular and increase value.

● THE FIRE OUTSIDE – Outdoor fire pits are a huge hit!

● GRANNY FLATS – The popularity of these self contained living units continues to surge! They’re perfect for an elderly relative or as a rental unit. Be sure to check with your city Building and Safety Department about permits before starting construction.

● TREE TOP – Treehouses are always great fun for the kids and family.