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F. Cleveland

April 5, 2012
Ms. Gail Crosby
Sotheby’s International Realty 1801 Hillhurst Avneue
Los Angeles, California 90027

Dear Gail:

Time has been flying by and only now am I sitting down to drop you a line. Please forgive my tardiness. Not being from California, we were ever so fortunate in being introduced to you as the realtor of choice for Silver Lake properties. And from our first meeting, you certainly took charge, established a timeframe, and delivered.

You, Gail, made selling our Silver Lake home far simpler than we could ever have imagined. Every day I was amazed by your contacts, whether I needed the street excavated or just some gardening, you picked-up your cell phone and handled it.

Your experience and ability to work with home owners and workmen is an extraordinary gift.

From helping with our garage sale to providing food and drink at the open house, you certainly delivered, exceeded our expectations really, on everything that you promised. From the first signing of the seller’s agreement to filing the final papers, everything progressed quite smoothly.

Most importantly perhaps is the house sold very quickly.

So, thanks over and over again. You are quite the professional!