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Gail has always had a love and passion for real estate. She grew up in a real estate family who bought, sold and remodeled properties in various parts of the country and the world. Jamaica, Spain, France, Haiti, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Hawaii and New York are some of the places.

Originally from Manhattan, she lived in Sydney, Australia, before settling in Silver Lake in 1986, where she met her husband, Rod, of 22 years.

Gail enjoys being in sync with clients in helping them create wealth and make thriving real estate investments. She can be a warm blanket when needed or as fierce as a lion when it comes to negotiating.

She has the eye, resources, knowledge and experience to help the client make wise, major moving decisions. She wouldn’t encourage one to ever buy or sell a property that she wouldn’t buy or sell herself. Clients love her straightforward, honest approach and like to refer her to friends and family.

Her grandmother always instilled in her the desire to help others. She finds that being a financial advisor of real estate gives her that edge and opportunity. Her grandmother also told her that the best way to success and happiness is to do more than what is asked or required, and to always be the beacon of light that people need. That’s the philosophy that she lives by and why clients choose her to represent them. It’s what separates her from the rest.


It is economical, better for your family’s health & our environment.

  1. Clean Mirrors, Windows, Chrome Fixtures, Ceramic Tiles
    Mix 1 cup of isopropyl rubbing alcohol, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it on surface, then wipe with a clean cloth. Label contents of bottle so everyone knows what it is.
  2. Clean Stainless Appliances & Vinyl Floors
    Clean & shine stainless steel appliances with Baby Oil. “A little dab will do yall. Dab some on a clean cloth & wipe. For vinyl floors-1 cup white vinegar & 5 drops baby oil, 1 gal water to remove grime & add shine.
  3. Make your own Furniture Polish
    Mix 1/2 cup lemon juice into 1 cup of olive oil. Shake well & apply small amount evenly over furniture with a clean flannel cloth. Dry well. Dab a small inconspicuous corner of wood first with small amount to test reaction on wood.
  4. Clean Hardwood Floors
    Sweep, vacuum dust/dirt from floor. Pout 2 cups distilled white vin¬egar, 2 cups vegetable oil into spray bottle. Shake well. Clean floor in small sections. Lightly rub into wood with a clean, soft cloth. Use another clean cloth to buff dry.
  5. Window Cleaning
    Mix vinegar & water in a spray bottle. Crumble up newspaper & wipe.
  6. Clean Tile Grout
    Mix 3 cups of baking soda with lcup water, create a paste. Spread paste in lines of grout using an old toothbrush & lightly scrub. Allow it to sit on grout for 10 mins, lightly scrub again. Rinse with water.
  7. Clean and disinfect Grout
    Pour small amount 3% Hydrogen Peroxide into labeled spray bottle. Apply to grout. Let soak for 25 mins. Scrub with old toothbrush. Rinse with water.

Keep all spray bottles labeled & out of reach of children & pets. Test solutions on a small hidden area 1st to see how it reacts to surface before proceeding.

Gail Crosby nor Sotheby’s cannot be held responsible or liable for the accuracy or effectiveness of the above information.

Gail Crosby is a local real estate agent with Sotheby’s International Realty. Contact Gail with your home and real estate questions at 323.428-2864 or GailCrosby@aol.com. DRE: 175513781 ADV


DEAR GAIL: I have to move & am not sure if I should sell or rent my home?

READER: Great question! It depends on your specific circumstances. Renting your home can have valuable benefits such as receiving tax breaks & getting more from the sale of your home when the market is higher. However, being a landlord isn’t for everyone & can come with some unwanted headaches including tenants damaging your home, costly eviction, repairs & maintenance to the property.
To help you make the best decision, consider this:

  • Do you own your home free & clear?
  • How much do you pay per month in taxes, mortgage & insurance?
  • How much could you collect in rent?
  • Could you create a positive cash flow from rent?
  • How much can you expect from selling your home?
  • Do you need money now?

I recommend speaking to a local realtor to help get answers to these questions & provide a professional opinion on the best option for you.

For help making a decision about your home, or for any real estate/investment questions call/email Gail at 323/428-2864, GailCrosby@aol.com. Ask for my “Where Should I Live Now” guide for seniors in transition.